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Nawgan was developed as a functional beverage to capitalize on the growing number of products entering the market that were specifically formulated to improve the brain’s function. With research increasingly opening up opportunities for products in this area, our client was a pioneer in developing a formula for improving memory and cognition. Our initial work in branding and positioning the product helped define the functional beverage category and resulted in a successful regional launch that quickly expanded to national distribution for Nawgan.



After years of working as a clinical neuroscientist and pharmaceutical consultant, Rob Paul decided to turn his expertise into a product consumers wouldn’t forget. Nawgan was developed as a memory enhancing beverage to aid consumers in improving brain function specific to memory and alertness. Propaganda was engaged to create a comprehensive brand identity and launch plan for the new line of beverages.



Our challenge was to create an identity that readily articulated the product function and benefit as the new beverage was a first to market entry. This approach was critical as there were numerous functional beverages on the market mostly in the form of energy and vitamin drinks, but this product was different. While it was in beverage form, it had a distinct functional benefit that needed to stand out on shelf while clearly articulating the benefit and clear position.



The logo and identity was developed around the concept of a brain as a maze linking the visual to the core functional benefit for quick consumer understanding. The qualifier “Alertness Beverage” Clearly and succinctly addressed the key benefit of the product. Once the identity was developed, a comprehensive 360 marketing plan was created to support the launch and secure investment for the proof of concept phase of the process. With success in proving the concept, the product was launched nationally in Grocery, Drug and Specialty channels.


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